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Gift Mug


Our 14 oz  decorative mug is loaded with gift wrapped 8 oz (227 g) loaf of Sweet Bread of your choice (banana, carrot , zucchini, or pumpkin) or your choice of either one packet (4 oz) of Granola Bar or 2 packets (3 oz) of Chim Chim;  and a 16 g envelope of hot cocoa mix or green tea .  This gift mug makes a perfect gift item for budget minded individuals who want to communicate with friends, family, or colleague with freshly baked home made bread.  Order this Gift Mug for any occasion such as Birthdays, Secretary's Day, Boss's Day, Get Well Wishes, Just Thinking About You, Sympathy, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Christmas,and other Religious Celebrations.


The Zucchini, Carrot and Banana breads will come with nuts unless you specify no nuts.

Which sweet bread would you prefer? Nuts or not? Would you like to substitute the bread for chim-chim?

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