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           What Makes Daddy's Home Bread So Special?

From his ancestral home of Nigeria, Bernard learned the art of baking from his father, Boniface Amadioha Oparah, who was a professional baker and owner of the successful Chibuzo Bakery. (Photo shows Bernard's father in the center with his bakers in 1947 when Bernard was only two.  The first three lines of the inscription on each of the bread cabinets read: "Eat & Digest, Chibuzo Bread, Years Experienced Bakers") 

Bernard's father started baking in the mid 1930's and continued it for four decades.  Bernard spent much of his childhood and early adulthood around his father's bakery.  However, as a young adult, Bernard took on other pursuits, including a formal education in the United States. After 29 years of service as college professor and school psychologist, Bernard has gracefully switched into his father's baker's hat.

Bernard actually reconnected with his baking roots in the mid 1980's by making bread for his family in the tradition he was taught by his father so many years earlier.  Bernard made a practice of giving away his homemade bread to many friends and colleagues.  A popular response to Bernard's bread was "This is delicious, you should go into business so that I can buy your bread".  After almost 20 years of giving away free loaves of his bread, Bernard gained additional training in bakery management & operations in the United States, and became licensed to operate Daddy's Home Bread, Inc. 

Bernard has always had an interest in healthful habits of eating as naturally as possible.  He believes food can taste good and be nutritious at the same time. He is committed to making nutritionally sound bread.  Daddy's Home Bread comes from a tradition handed down as an art and is made from the heart.  All products utilize all natural ingredients, and are free of artificial preservatives and additives.  Daddy's Home Bread has always considered the general nutritional needs of a conscious consumer in developing each of the products. Daddy's Home Bread utilizes freshly ground grains and seeds in some of its recipes.  The list of ingredients includes: 


 Blackstrap Molasses Medium Rye Flour Sesame Seed Oil
 Barley (Freshly Ground)  Millet (Freshly Ground)
 Sesame Seeds (Freshly Ground)
 Canola Oil
 Natural Gums (Guar & Xanthan)
 Sorghum Flour
 Coarse Cracked Wheat (Freshly Ground)
 Organic Brown Rice Flour
 Soy Beans (Freshly Ground)
 Dark Rye Flour
 Organic Buckwheat Flour
  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Spelt Flour Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour
 Flax Seeds (Freshly Ground)
 Organic Raw Agave Nectar
 Sunflower Kernels (Freshly Ground)
 Fresh Banana
 Organic Whole Oat Flour
  Tapioca Flour
 Fresh Carrots
 Pineapple Juice Concentrate Unbleached, Unbromated Artisan Flour
 Fresh Zucchini (Grated)
 Pinto Beans (Freshly Ground)
 Great Northern Beans (Freshly Ground)
 Potato Flour
 Wheat Berries (Freshly Ground)
 Green Lentils (Freshly Ground)
 Purified Water
 Wild Flower Honey
 Kidney Beans (Freshly Ground)
 Rolled Oats (Freshly Ground)
 Malted Barley Flour
 Rye Meal Coarse Pumpernickel Flour



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